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Parser states = allowed languages

htmHTML code
htm_comHTML comment
entHTML entity
tagInside tag
tag_cssInside style tag
tag_jsInside script tag
attBefore = of tag's attribute
att_cssAfter = of style attribute
att_jsAfter = of on* attribute
att_quoInside quoted attribute value
att_apoInside apostrophed attribute value
att_valInside non-quoted attribute value
cssCSS code
css_atAfter CSS at-rule
css_at2Inside {} of at-rule
css_proProperty - inside {} of selector
css_valAfter : following property
css_jsInside CSS expression
quoInside quotes
apoInside apostrophes
comInside /* */ comment
escAfter \
jsJavaScript code
oneOne-line comment
js_regJavaScript regular expression
phpPHP code (after <?php tag)
php_quo_var{$} variable inside string
php_echoCode after echo
php_sqlCode inside mysql_query()
php_sqliteCode inside sqlite_query()
php_pgsqlCode inside pg_query()
php_phpiniCode inside ini_set() or ini_get
php_newCode after new operator
php_onePHP one-line comment
php_eotBeginning of heredoc (after <<<)
php_eot2Inside heredoc
php_quoInside quotes
php_bacInside backticks
php_varInside variable (after $)
php_apoInside apostrophes
php_comInside /* */ comment
php_haltAfter __halt_compiler()
php_halt_oneOne-line comment after __halt_compiler()
php_halt2Anything after ; or ?> following __halt_compiler()
sqlSQL code
sql_apoInside SQL apostrophes
sql_quoInside SQL quotes
sql_varInside SQL variable
sqlite_apoInside SQLite apostrophes
sqlite_quoInside SQLite quotes
sql_eotBeginning of heredoc (after $)
sql_eot2Inside heredoc
com_nestInside nested /* */ comment
bacInside backticks
braInside square brackets

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